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A beautiful bamboo carved sound eco system is naturally made device to give feel of speaker, you can also use this as Card holder or mobile holder. Place your mobile phone in the slit with the speaker facing inside the holder and the hollow bamboo stem instantly accentuates the volume of your audio. Alternatively, you can also place this on your office table to store important business cards and visiting cards. This piece is unique as it is ecofriendly as well as easy to use with multipurpose usage.


Bamboo Craft is a form of traditional craft which is made using Bamboo as a raw material. Earlier bamboo artwork was prominently produced and utilized in rural areas only. But as the world is inclining more and more toward eco-friendly and sustainable products, Bamboo craft has gained popularity in urban areas as well. Bamboo is a low-cost and versatile material for handcrafted home decor and everyday use items. Say yes to environment-friendly Home Decor with Bamboo Craft.


  • Environmental Friendly
  • Flexible
  • Resistance
  • Easy Care
  • Light And Strong
  • Affordable
  • Artistic Matting
  • Multi-Functional
  • Handmade

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